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                  Shenzhen City milliohm Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional production of 1-7W power chip resistors, Kang copper resistance, manganin resistance, micro ohm resistance, shunt resistance, ohm resistor, a sampling resistor, a sampling resistor, a current detection resistor and current sensing resistors, resistance welding, 1%-0.01% 5-50PPM high precision resistor 10A-10000A shunt shunt car etc. the car, resistance and other products manufacturers.

                  Through the high and new technology enterprises, through the ISO9001 enterprise quality system certification, the product passes the EU environmental protection requirements, SoHS.SVHC, certification.

                  After 10 years of change, from the initial to the foreign enterprises OEM production of precision resistance gradually transformed into independent production owned enterprises. Independent sales, product design and manufacturing capacity in the forefront of the domestic industry, welding technology in the international leading level; the company plant area of 2000 square meters, modern management, advanced production technology, continuous innovation the development of the company, as the industry leader, the products are exported to...



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